What To Expect
When participating in a clinical trial in our facility, here a few things you should expect:

  • The researcher will tell you more about the study.
  • The researcher will ask you some questions to see if you are eligible to meet the rules of the study.
  • If you are eligible for the trial, you will need to sign a consent form.
  • You will need to make follow up visits to ensure that your health and safety are monitored carefully.

Screening Visit

A full screening process will involve a visit to our clinic where your health will be appropriately assessed.


Reasonable compensation can be given for participation in research, depending upon the study. It can ranges from $100 to $2000

Overnight Stays

Some clinical trials can involve overnight stays at our facility.

Follow Up Visits

Our clinical trial might also include an extended post-study follow-up period from a few weeks to years.